X-ray diffraction (XRD)

Group Leader

Dr. Christina Günter

+49 331 977 5605
+49 331 977 5700
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X-ray diffraction (XRD) is based on the elastic scattering of X-rays at atomic planes, with scattering being followed by interference according to Bragg's law. The angles under which constructive interference occurs are directly related to lattice spacings, and by that to the mineral phase(s) being analysed.

The instrument is used in reflection mode and is equipped with a position-sensitive detector that allows for rapid data collection.

Applications include: identification of mineral phases and lattice parameter, purity control, orientation of single crystals.


Siemens D5005 X-ray diffractometer with Cu anode and vertical circle goniometer

An accessory microfocus system is attachable for small samples.


DIFFRACplus BASIC, for instrument operation and control

DIFFRACplus EVA, for data evaluation

ICDD Powder Diffraction File (PDF4), for mineral phase identification