Subsurface Hydrology

Group Leader

Prof. Dr. Sascha Oswald

+49 331 977 2675
+49 331 977 2068


We and the natural environment depend in many ways on the availability of useable freshwater. Our research activities investigate the subsurface part of the terrestrial water cycle from soil hydrology to the interface of groundwater and surface waters. Besides assessing the water fluxes also the water quality and the fate and transport of a range of pollutants is of interest. The general objective is to protect the water resources, providing the scientific basis for a sustainable use of it. We apply methods ranging from laboratory experiments with non-invasive imaging methods to obtain 2D and 3D data sets, via field measurements of water dynamics and transport properties to numerical modeling of reactive transport at both scales.
The special focus is the dynamics of particular processes and implications for the water and matter fluxes in the system.


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