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Teleseismic rupture tracking of large earthquakes

Dr. F. Krüger, Dr. M. Ohrnberger, Dipl.-Ing. L. Ehlert, Dr. D. Rößler

Region:Northern Sumatra, Indonesia
Time: 2010-4-6 22:15:3
Magnitude: 7.8
Epicenter: 2.28° N 96.98° E
Depth: 36 km
Distance: 9437 km (5865miles) to Potsdam
Azimut: 322.27° from Event to Potsdam
Backazimut: 93.03°

Results are automatically generated by real-time data processing! Might be erroneous, partially revised. Source duration, source length, and source area might be overestimated.


Figure: Top: Colour lines code areas of seismic energy release and time from source time. Crosses: position of semblance maxima.
Star: Initial GEOFON Epicentre
Bottom left: Semblance time plot. Red line indicates positve triggering. Initial GEOFON source time is at 200 s. Crosses: distance of semblance maximum to epicentre. Circles: azimuth from epicentre to semblance maximum.
Bottom right: stations used for event analysis. Event location: centre of map.

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