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VolkswagenFoundation funds summer school about earth surface processes

(01.08.2017 09:08)

The VolkswagenFoundation funds the summer school proposal entitled  "Earth Surface Dynamics - Understanding Processes at the Earth's Vulnerable Skin" led by apl. Prof. Dr. Martin H. Trauth, together with nine instructors from Germany, United Kingdom and Ethiopia. The summer school is targeting a group of 25 doctoral students from geosciences, environmental sciences and related fields such as biology, chemistry and physics. The intense, multifaceted science training program of the summer school in 2018 will help participants to acquire knowledge and understanding of the processes shaping the Earth's vulnerable skin and to define premier research topics to study processes at the Earth's dynamic surface. The summer school is the fourth of its kind under the direction of M.H. Trauth.

Plateau Formation over Quaternary Timescales

(11.07.2017 14:54)

Our former colleague and Marie Skłodowska-Curie Fellow John Jansen, PhD, from Australia, now at University of Aarhus, published an important article in Nature Geoscience:

about “High plateaus fringing the North Atlantic passive margins have long been viewed as remnants of preglacial low-relief. But thanks to some state-of-the-art computational modelling, a team with John Jansen from Aarhus has shown that ice sheets are capable of large-scale relief planation and therefore plateau formation over Quaternary timescales”.