Seminars are held on Mondays at 4:15 in Haus 27, Hörsaal 0.01
Date Speaker
April 8

Hannes Vasyura-Bathke


Kinematic finite fault estimation on the basis of geodetic and seismic data

Frank Krüger
April 15

Natalia Rudaya

AWI & Uni-Potsdam

Environmental history of the Altai Mountains

Manfred Strecker
April 22

Easter holiday

April 29
Fachshaft Vollversammlung
May 6

Jonathan Weiss

Uni Potsdam

From the Chile Trench to the Chaco Plain: mountain building & the earthquake cycle in the Central Andes Manfred Strecker
May 13

Devon Orme

Montana State University

Sedimentary Record of Continental Collision in Southern Tibet Ed Sobel
May 20

Magnus Tumi Gudmundsson

University of Iceland

Eruptions within glaciers and in the shallow ocean: Volcano-ice-water interaction in Iceland Eva Eibl
May 27

Michael Barton

Arizona State University & IASS

Integrative modeling of human and natural systems Achim Maas
June 3

Ilya Bindeman

University of Oregon

Triple oxygen isotopes in shales through time: Aspects of emergence of subaerial land 2.5 Ga in the context of Snowball earth Max Wilke
June 10


June 17

Eduardo Garzanti

Universita´di Milano

The Himalayan foreland basin from collision onset to the present: A sedimentary-petrology perspective Maria Mutti
June 24

Stephan Sobolev

GFZ & Uni Potsdam

What controlled the emergence and evolution of plate tectonics on Earth and what was before? Frank Krueger
July 1

Giulio Vignoli

University of Cagliari

Our prejudice: crucial for geophysical data inversion, but also difficult to formalize Julien Guillemoteau
July 8

Julien Guillemoteau

Multi-scale electromagnetic induction imaging of the subsurface Jens Tronicke
July 15