Seminars are held on Mondays at 4:15 in Haus 27, Hörsaal 0.01
Date Speaker
October 17

Annegret Thieken


Enrico Ribacki

Welcome to the Department
October 24

Mauricio Parra


Basin thermal history reconstruction in eastern Colombia: Thermochronometry applied to petroleum system modeling E. Sobel
October 31 Reformationstag

November 7

Ramon Arrowsmith

Arizona State University

Sharpening our view of active faulting with high resolution topography E. Sobel
November 14

Susanne Schröder


Curiosity on Mars
U. Altenberger
November 21

David Whipp

University of Helsinki

Tectonic and erosional evolution of active orogens: Insights from detrital thermochronology and geodynamic models B. Bookhagen
November 28

Ralf Haese

Uni Melbourne

Uncertainties in the prediction of fluid-rock reactions in a CO2 storage reservoir M. Kühn
December 5

Gabriele Arnold

DLR and Uni Potsdam

Rosetta - a journey to the beginnings of our solar system M. Trauth
December 12 no speaker cancelled

January 2 no speaker

January 9

2:00-4:00, Room 0.25/0.26 House 29

Suzanne Prestrud Anderson

Uni. Colorado Boulder

The Critical Zone: Geo-bio-hydro interactions that shape the Earth’s surface

B. Bookhagen

January 9

2nd talk: 4:15 in Haus 27, Hörsaal 0.01

Bob Anderson

Uni. Colorado Boulder

Hillslopes of Colorado’s Front Range: From frost to trees to gophers to boulders B. Bookhagen
January 16

Ricarda Winkelmann


Antarctica: Ice dynamics, critical thresholds and sea-level rise C. Mohr

January 23

2 speakers

Tomas Fischer

Karls Univ. Prag


Dirk Wagner


Drilling the Eger Rift: Magmatic fluids driving the earthquake swarms and the deep biosphere:

Seismology and Fluid monitoring

Deep Microbiology

F. Krueger
January 30

Ralf Schiebel

MPI Chemistry

Planktic Foraminifers in Climate Geochemistry G. Zeilinger
February 6

Liane G. Benning


Why Greenland melts: a Geo-Bio Perspective M. Wilke