Seminars are held on Mondays at 4:15 in Haus 27, Hörsaal 0.01
Date Speaker
October 16

Oliver Korup - GL

& Fachschaft

Welcome to the new semester

October 23 Ed Sobel

Explanation of revised module MScP02


Late Miocene - Pliocene deceleration of dextral slip between Pamir and Tarim

Ed Sobel
October 30

Kristina Hippe

ETH Zurich

Unravelling complex landscape evolution with combined cosmogenic in situ 14C-10Be analysis Gerold Zeilinger
November 6

Hans Vrijmoed

FU Berlin

Thermodynamic equilibrium at heterogeneous pressure Valby van Schijndel
November 13

Michel Campillo

Univ. Grenoble

Passive monitoring of seismic velocity change at different time scales

Frank Krueger


Fabrice Cotton

November 20

Guido Grosse


Landscape Disturbances in Polar Permafrost Regions and Earth System Feedbacks Bodo Bookhagen
November 27

Peter Löwe

Opportunities in Open Science and research data management Oliver Korup
December 4

Timm John

FU Berlin

Fast dehydration-related intraslab fluid-flow events: implications for pore fluid pressure fluctuations at the plate interface Max Wilke
December 11

Christoph Schneider

HU Berlin

Same physics but various responses: the geography of glaciers with examples from Patagonia, Central Asia and the Arctic Bodo Bookhagen
December 18

Bernd Schurr


Clash of cratons, deep structure and geodynamics of the Pamir and Hindu Kush Frank Krüger
January 8

David Loibl

HU Berlin

Towards an integrative analysis of glacier change, its topoclimatic forcing, and related natural hazards in High Mountain Asia Bodo Bookhagen
January 15

Elis Hoffmann

FU Berlin

A geochemical perspective on Archean geodynamics Valby van Schijndel
January 22

Charlotte Krawczyk


Pathways between reservoir and surface - interplay of seismic fault imaging and deformation prediction Jens Tronicke
January 29

Verena E. Foerster

Universität zu Köln

From mud and dust to curves and concepts: New findings on the environmental context of human evolution from the Chew Bahir sediment cores Martin Trauth
February 5
Science Slam