• Gas Mixing Furnace
  • Diamond Anvil Cell
  • Gas Pressure Vessel

Gas Mixing Furnace

Vertical gas mixing furnace (Carbolite-Gero STF 16/180) for glass or crystal synthesis experiments under controlled fO2 conditions


gas mixtures of CO,CO2 and Ar/H2 possible or under atmospheric conditions

max. temperature: 1600°C

oxygen fugacity (fO2) sensor (Zirox XS50B-600)

rapid quench sample holder, gas-tight ceramic tube, water-chilled flanges (top & bottom), and logging units for temperature and oxygen fugacity




contact: Sarah B. Cichy & Max Wilke


Diamond Anvil Cell Lab

Our laboratory for diamond anvil cells (DAC) and laser heating has everything needed for our own and our collaborators' high pressure and high temperature research.

In detail, there is a suite of different types of diamond anvil cells, binoculars, a ruby fluorescence system and a spark-erosion micro-drilling system. The Raman system ist next door.

Gas loading is available for Neon at the German Research Centre for Geosciences (GFZ) Potsdam, section 4.3.

Our CW infrared laser heating system is portable and has been commissioned for in-situ X-ray emission spectroscopy at Petra III, DESY, Hamburg.


pressure range: up to 100 GPa

temperature range: 1500-5000 K



Fig.1. Laser-heated Diamond Anvil Cell Lab at the Institute of Earth & Environmental Sciences, University of Potsdam.


Fig. 2. (a) photo of portable laser-heated DAC table setup for synchrotron application, (b) sketch of laser heating setup, and (c) example of X-ray emission spectra measured at DESY.


Contact: Georg Spiekermann & Max Wilke

Internally Heated Pressure Vessel (IHPV)

Internally Heated Pressure Vessel (IHPV), Harwood type

Allows the experimental simulation of magmatic and metamorphic pressure and temperature conditions of the upper crust.


tl_files/arbeitsgruppen/ag_mineralogie/HT-HP-Labor/GeoX-Logo.jpg High Pressure Laboratory for Geomaterial Sciences - a Geo.X joint lab at GFZ Potsdam


max. pressure: 10 kbar (1 GPa); pressure medium: Argon gas

max. temperature: 1250°C

max. sample size: 50 mm length, 10 mm diameter

normal- & rapid-quench sample holder


Contact: Sarah B. Cichy & Max Wilke