Group Leader

apl. Prof. Dr. Frank Krüger

+49 331 977 5813
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Arbeitsgruppenbild Allgemeine Geophysik / Seismologie
Arraymessung in Colfiorito (2008)

Research focus Arrayseismology

Seismological Arrays are spatially dense station networks with a common time basis. They can be used to retrieve directional parameters of incoming wavefields directly from the data. Furthermore they allow the use of stacking techniques to suppress noise and to enhance seismic signals. Seismological arrays were and are used in connection with the global surveillance of the CTBT (Controlled test ban treaty for atomic weapons). Because recently it became technically much simpler and less expensive to construct seismological  arrays, such devives find nowadays widespread application also in basic research, for instance to detect structures in the deep mantle of the Earth. A further area of research and application is the array analysis of the seismic noise wavefield itself to obtain shear strength profiles of near surface layers in an efficient way also in urban environments. Lately array seismological methods were used to image directly the spatio-temporal development of the energy radiation (rupture propagation) for large and very large earthquakes.

Teleseismic rupture tracking of large earthquakes

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