Allgemeine Geophysik

Group Leader

apl. Prof. Dr. Frank Krüger

+49 331 977 5813
+49331 977 5700
Arbeitsgruppenbild Allgemeine Geophysik / Seismologie
Arraymessung in Colfiorito (2008)

Research focus seismology

Earthquakes, like volcanic eruptions, are certainly the most spectacular manifestation of the fundamental geological processes that change our planet since millions of years. Although huge advances have been made in the general understanding of those processes the hazard related to those natural events and its associated risk for global society is continuously increasing. This fact is related both to migration of human settlements towards active plate boundary regions as well as the ever increasing societal vulnerability due to concentration of population and values within small geographical regions. Therefore, even in regions of relatively low tectonic activity like Central Europe (intra-plate regime), we have to be aware of the risks (~ hazard x vulnerability) related to geo- or hydrological processes. What is more: due to the low return periods of damage producing events (earthquakes, landslides, floods) we face an even more difficult challenge in the analysis and investigations related to estimating the hazard of those. The focus of research in the general geophysics research group is therefore related to the analysis of earthquake source processes, the spatio-temporal distribution of earthquakes, wave propagation phenomena and their use for imaging earth's structure on distinct scales.