Sedimentary Systems Modelling

Field Equipment:

  • D-GPS
  • In-field Gamma-Ray measurement with a gamma ray scintillometer (Type GR-320 portable Gamma Ray spectrometer from SAIC Exploranium

3D Visualization and Modelling

  • 11Petrel Licences (Schlumberger) for Geo- and petrophysical interpretation and reservoir simulation. 
  • 10 Petromod Licences (Schlumberger) 1D, 2D, and 3D
  • 10 Exclipse and 5 Interect  Simulator Licenses
  • Entire Openflow Suite
  • 20 JewelSuite modelling licenses

3D Stratigraphic Modelling

  • DionisosFlow for stratigraphic modelling