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ICDP Coordinators
Prof. Dr. Sebastian Krastel University of Kiel
Prof. Dr. Roland Oberhänsli University of Potsdam

A thank-you for Roland Oberhänsli for 15 years coordination of ICDP Germany. The new coordinator will be Sebastian Krastel.

Photo: Mr. Oberhänsli receives a KTB drill bitt with plaquette from Dr. Ulrich Harms (ICDP International). IODP / ICDP Colloquium Heidelberg, March 2016 (Photograph: Thomas Wiersberg, GFZ)

ICDP Coordination Office
Martin Timmerman, Ph.D. University of Potsdam
Phone: +49 331 977 5877

Institute of Earth and Environmental Sciences

Fax:      +49 311 977 5700 Karl-Liebknecht-Str. 24, Building 27

+++ Submission deadline ICDP Germany proposal 17th of August 2016 +++

14476 Potsdam - Golm
DFG Contact Person
Dr. Guido Lüniger Phone: +49 228 885 2333
DFG Office
Beatrix Stuch Phone: +49 228 885 2719

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