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Research Focus

The research activities in our group focus primarily on investigating the interaction on geologic timescales of sedimentary dynamics, climate and the biosphere.  Sedimentology and the stratal architecture of sedimentary strata are considered in a comprehensive, multi-disciplinary framework to capture the important processes on the appropriate spatial and temporal scales.  The research strategy involves either the calibration of modern assemblages to the boundary conditions provided by the oceanographic setting (e.g., COREF), investigating past, critical episodes in Earth History (e.g., Cretaceous black shales, late Permian anoxia) or carrying out paleoenvironmental and palaeoclimatic reconstructions to develop high-resolution models.

A second research theme revolves on applications of sedimentary geology for the petroleum and energy industry (reservoir characterization). We closely integrate outcrop and seismic studies to understand lateral and vertical variability in the properties of sedimentary rocks. This involves understanding and predicting facies distribution as well as postdepositional, diagenetic modifications. Quantitative and digital sedimentology are used to image sedimentary bodies and their physical properties in 3D as the basis to predict the evolution of fluid flow pathways in sedimentary basins.



Main topic of the BMBF financed project GeoEn integrates various scientific and engineering research disciplines that investigate the nonconventional resource Shale Gas, geothermal energy and ways to prevent carbon dioxide emissions by CCS-technology. Main focus of our efforts is in the area of basin analysis and reservoir characterization



Main topic of this research alliance financially supported by ExxonMobil and involving several Universities in Europe and USA is to understand “fundamental controls in fluid flow in carbonate rocks”. Our research theme contributes to this theme by building quantitative geological models.

Paleozoic Carbonate of the Barents Sea

This collaborative project funded by Edison International (Norway) is devoted to developing integrated geological, stratigraphic and diagenetic scenarios for the late Paleozoic sequences of the Barents Sea.  The study is based on 2D/3D seismic and well data and cores.


The COREF (coral-reef front) Project has been approved by the ICDP to perform continental scientific drilling into Quaternary reef-complex deposits in different settings in the Ryukyu Islands (Ryukyus). The major goal is to track the migrations of the 'coral-reef fronts' to higher and lower latitudes, respectively, responding to glacial/interglacial cycles.

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