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WiSem 2019/2020




SoSem 2019:

Datum: Name: Organisation:
14.06.2019 Max Wilke
Uni Potsdam
on SPP 2238 "DOME"
21.06.2019 Thoralf Dietrich
 Uni Potsdam
Bermuda deep magma article
28.06.2019 Marija Krstulovic
Uni Potsdam
X-ray spectroscopy on silicate melts
05.07.2019 Maximilian Schulze Uni Potsdam tba
12.07.2019 Paddy O'Brien
Uni Potsdam
White nights in Belomorye and
2 billion years old chilled margin at eclogite facies
19.07.2019 letzter Vorlesungstag kein Seminar?  


SoSem 2019:

Datum: Name: Organisation:
26.04.2019 Ross Angel
Università di Pavia
Stress, strain and a new geobarometer for rocks
03.05.2019 Martin Timmerman Uni Potsdam
Ediacaran age and role of the Brunovistulian Terrane in the Variscan orogeny in central Europe.
10.05.2019 Georg Spiekermann Uni Potsdam co2ler ÜberaschUPsvortrag
17.05.2019 Melanie Sieber GFZ Potsdam Transport and distribution of carbon and trace elements during fluid driven carbonation in the forearc mantle (c. 30-80 km depth) and (partial) melting of carbonates in the backarc (c. 200 km)
24.05.2019 Svenja Steding GFZ Potsdam
Modelling of the formation and development of caverns in salt rock

WiSem 2018/2019

Datum: Name: Organisation:
19.10.2018 Ilya Veksler GFZ Potsdam
Textures of igneous rocks: Quantification and interpretation
26.10.2018 Sarah B. Cichy
GFZ / Uni Potsdam
3D textures of geomaterials revealed by synchrotron-based X-ray micro-tomographic scan images using YaDiV software
02.11.2018 Hana Ditterova
Uni Potsdam
New insights into interpretation of major & rare earth elements geochemistry in HP7LT metapelitic garnets
09.11.2018 Louis Desanois
GFZ Potsdam
Formation of epithermal Sn-Ag(-Zn) mineralization at the Pirquitas deposit, Jujuy Province, NW Argentina - Fluid inclusion and isotopic constraints.
16.11.2018 Ralf Milke
FU Berlin
Silica - the most primitive mineral on Earth and Mars?
23.11.2018 Immo Kötschau Oxford PV, Brandenburg a.d.H Silicon-perovskite tandem solar cells.
30.11.2018 Gary Stevens
Uni Stellenbosch
Phase equilibrium modelling of crustal anatexis with changing bulk composition: Bringing an end to the fluid-present vs. fluid-absent debate in granite genesis
07.12.2018 Melanie Lorenz
Uni Potsdam
An introduction to the britholite-group and the unusual occurence of the RE-mineral at Rodeo de los Molles, Central Argentina
14.12.2018 Arne Willner
Ruhr-Uni Bochum
New geothermobarometric and geochronological approaches in very low-/low-grade metamorphic rocks in accretionary prisms and orogenic collision zones.
11.01.2019 Jovid Aminov Academy of Sciences, Rep. Tajikistan A Cretaceous volcanism and associated tectonic setting in the Southern Pamir Mountains
18.01.2019 R. Spallanzani Uni Potsdam Modelling diffusion in melts (DMG Diffusion Workshop report)
25.01.2019 Anna jentsch Uni / GFZ Potsdam Systematic soil gas studies for volcano-tectonic analyses of the Los Humeros Geothermal Field, Mexico.
01.02.2019 Ingrid Blanchard Uni Bayreuth Metal-silicate partitioning experiments: insights on Earth's differentiation.
08.02.2019 Lelia Libon Uni Potsdam Element redistribution process between magnesite and mantle phases at Lower Mantle conditions.

SoSem 2018

Datum: Name: Organisation: 
13.04.2018 Frank Rosendahl
Uni Potsdam
Dunite Pipe in der Thaba Cr-Mine, Bushveld,
Südafrika und seines Einflusses auf die PGE Vererzung
20.04.2018 Hana Ditterova Uni Potsdam REE garnet mappings by LA-ICP-MS
27.04.2018 Lars Erpel Uni Potsdam A story of pressure and temperature - anatectic metapelites at Winklarn, Oberpfalz
04.05.2018 Jens Baumgartner MPIKG Potsdam Biomineralisation in magnetotactic bacteria
28.05.2018 Dimitrios Papoulis Uni Patras

1. Environmental application of clays and clay minerals.

2. MINERALMCR: a mineralogical mobile phone application.

01.06.2018 Christof Kusebauch GFZ Potsdam Au and As distribution between pyrite and hydrothermal fluids
08.06.2018 Lutz Hecht MfN Berlin New constraints on the genesis of melt-bearing impact breccias (suevite) - the Ries crater case study
15.06.2018 Enrico Ribacki Uni Potsdam Characterization of the Kongsberg Silver Deposit
22.06.2018 Sascha Zertani FU Berlin The influence of partial eclogitization of the lower continental crust on seismic imaging
29.06.2018 Anselm Loges Uni Helsinki Complexation of Indium Hydrothermal Solution: EXAFS Spectroscopy on Indium Fluoride and Chloride Species up to 400°C
06.07.2018 Esther Schwarzenbach FU Berlin Serpentinization: linking mineral alteration with signs of life.
13.07.2018 Georg Spiekermann Uni Potsdam Exploring the world of amorphous at extreme pressures: SiO2, GeO2 and beyond.

WiSem 2017: Freitags 12:15-13:45h, Raum 2.07

Datum: Name: Organisation: 
27.10.2017 Seann McKibbin Uni Potsdam Basaltic magmatism in the early Solar System
03.11.2017 Max Wilke Uni Potsdam Iron speciation in minerals, glasses and rocks
10.11.2017 Georg Spiekermann Uni Potsdam Warum Germanium Georg's Lieblingselement ist
17.11.2017 Jan Schüßler GFZ Potsdam Earthquakes, microbes and water/rock interaction - a stable metal isotope perspective
24.11.2017 Roland Oberhänsli Uni Potsdam Exkursionsbericht: Ural 2017
01.12.2017 G. Deniz Kulahci Hacettepe University Contemporaneous alkaline and calc-alkaline series in Central Anatolia (Turkey): spatio-temporal evolution of a post-collisional Quaternary basaltic volcanism
08.12.2017 Patrick O'Brien Uni Potsdam Bericht: Ladakh, Indien Exkursion
15.12.2017 Ilias Efthymiopoulos Uni/GFZ Potsdam Pressure-induced spin transition in Fe-bearing minerals
12.01.2018 Mathias Egglseder MPIKG Potsdam From BIF to iron Ore - A journey from nanocrystals to huge iron ore deposits of the Hamersley Province, Australia



1. Roberta Spallanzani

2. Baiansuluu Terbishalieva


Uni Potsdam

1. Diffusive Li & B isotope fractionation in silicate melts

2. Compositional evolution of lavas and subvolcanic bodies in volcano-plutonic deposits of Big Naryn, Middle Kyrgyzstan
26.01.2018 Alessia Borghini Uni Potsdam Nanogranitoids as tools to investigate orogenic peridotites and crustal-mantle interaction processes



1. Stefano Ghignone

2. Leila Rezaei

1. Uni Torino

2. Uni Potsdam

1. The boundary of the eclogite belt in the Western Alps: an example from the Susa Shear Zone.

2. Geochemistry and mineral chemistry of gabbroic rocks from the Gasht-Masuleh area, North Iran.

SommerSemester 2017

Datum: Name: Organisation:   



1. Andreas Möller

2. Marko Hornschu

Uni Kansas

Uni Potsdam/BGR

1. U-Pb dating of accessory minerals by laser ablation ICP-MS: from granulites to bone beds and paleosols

2. Entwicklung von gesteinsspezifischen Klassifizierungs- und Quantifizierungsverfahren für LIBS-Bohrkernmessungen am Beispiel der Pb/Zn Primärlagerstätte Bad Grund

28.04.2017 Sergio Speziale GFZ Potsdam Brillouin scattering and the elastic anisotropy of minerals
05.05.2017 Valby van Schjindel Uni Potsdam Polymetamorphism, and Evolution of the Paleoarchaean Supracrustal Rocks of the Ancient Gneiss Complex, Swaziland
12.05.2019 Ilya Veksler GFZ Potsdam The origin of stratiform chromite deposits of the Bushveld Complex, South Africa
19.05.2017 Adrian Fiege AMNH Towards a better understanding of volatile budgets and magmatic redox processes: Experimental studies of magma-mixing and sulfur-in-apatite
24.05.2017 Christian Renggli RSES, ANU Gas-solid reactions in high temperature planetary environments

1. Val Abecia

2. Jenny Müller


Uni Potsdam

1. REEs of reservoir processes in Bacman Geothermal Field, Philippines 

2. Entwicklung der LCT-Pegmatite in Tørdal, Norwegen


Kristin Gratz


Meine Arbeit bei PANalytical


1. Maximilian Korges

2. Martha Codeço


GFZ Potsdam

1. Fluid evolution of the Zinnwand Sn-W-Li deposit (Erzgebirge): insights from fluid inclusions

2. Fluid sources of the Panasqueira W-Sn-Cu deposit (Portugal): evidence from chemical and boron isotopic compositions of tourmaline

30.06.2017 Melanie Lorenz Uni Potsdam Argentinien Exkursion, Frühling 2017
07.07.2017 Julia Artel Uni Potsdam Zur Genese der Lithium-Pegmatite in Bergby, Schweden
14.07.2017 Sven Fuchs GFZ Potsdam How minerals drive the geophysical temperature exploration of the subsurface space

1. Marija Krstulovic

2. Jonathan Engelhardt


Uni Potsdam

1. Local structure of network formers and network modifiers in quenched silicate melts under high pressure.

2. A summary of 40Ar/39Ar geochronolgy on tephra from ICDP Lake Van drill cores

WinterSemester 2016/2017

Datum: Name: Organisation: Titel:
21.10.2016  Sarah B. Cichy Uni/GFZ Potsdam Understanding Pre-eruptive Magma Ascent Processes
28.10.2016 Georg Spiekermann Uni Potsdam Vibrational properties of silica species in SiO2-H2O liquids and glasses obtained from ab initio molecular dynamics
04.11.2016 Philipp Weis GFZ Potsdam The brittle-ductile transition as a control on the formation of geothermal energy resources and magmatic-hydrothermal ore deposits
11.11.2016 Patrick O'Brien
Uni Potsdam (geologischer) Reisebericht: Afrika
18.11.2016 Matthias Gottschalk GFZ Potsdam A thermodynamic model for multicomponent solid solutions
25.11.2016 Hana Ditterova Uni Potsdam Southern Cape Geology and Wildlife (South African field trip Post11)
02.12.2016 Britta Bookhagen Deutsche Rohstoffagentur (BGR)
Entwicklungen auf den internationalen Rohstoffmärkten

1. Lisa Sieg

2. Manuel Kauder

Uni Potsdam

1. Einlagerung von Seltenen Erden in Pflanzen;

2. Zerstörungsfreie Hyperspektralanalyse und Klassifizierung der Minerale im Grottensaal des Neuen Palais

16.12.2016 Masafumi Sudo Uni Potsdam Conclusions for magmatic activities beneath Paka volcano in Kenya Rift from 40Ar/39Ar ages and geochemistry
06.01.2017 Anja Schleicher GFZ Potsdam Weak spots at depth: Clay formation in active fault zones


Christian Weikusat AWI Bremerhaven Raman spectroscopy on Antarctic ice cores - Impurities, air hydrates and microstructure

1. Marija Krstulovic

2. Angela Bhushan

Uni Potsdam

1. ESRF: short overview of synchrotron radiation and its mineralogical & petrological applications

2. Dachschiefervorkommen Deutschlands - petrographisch-geochemische Charakterisierung unter besonderer Berücksichtigung der Goslarer Dachschiefer


1. Uwe Altenberger

2. Melanie Lorenz

Uni Potsdam

1. HFSE-deposits, examples and work in progress

2. StRATEGy: Rare Earth Element variations in the pre-Andean crustal basement, NW-Argentina

03.02.2017 Maria Stuff GFZ/Uni Potsdam Iron isotope fractionation in carbonatite systems

1. Gözde Karaköse

2. Barbara Bsdok

Uni Potsdam

1. Ultra-high-temperature mantle rocks along the East Anatolian Fault, Sürgü Turkey

2. Santa Rosa Meteorit

22.02.2017 Celine Baudouin Universite Montpelleier 2 Alkaline volcanism associated with early stage of rifting