The Institute of Earth and Environmental Sciences and the Institute for Geography have been transformed to the Institute for Geosciences and the Institute for Environmental Sciences and Geography on Jan. 1, 2019.

The new websites are still under construction. Since Feb. 1, 2019 the website of the Institute for Environmental Sciences and Geography is online: www.uni-potsdam.de/umwelt
In the Masters and Bachelors study programs we teach how to use natural sciences as a basis for solving current, societally relevant environmental problems as well as for conducting independent earth and environmental research. Therefore, our curriculum offers a wide spectrum of methods and research topics drawn from the different research groups within the institute, as well as a range of international study programs, and an excellent graduate school.
The institut occupies a central position in the Research Focus Earth Sciences (RFES) and is an active partner in the Geo.X coordinating platform, in which the Earth and Enviromental Science research institutes in the Berlin-Potsdam area are tightly networked.

The institute hosts the GeoUnion (M.Strecker)  and SEPM (M. Mutti) presidents.